Why SmartMotor

Why SmartMotor

SmartMotor PM outperform traditional induction machines. Our new PM designs, being it solutions or replacement of existing hydraulic-, mechanic- and induction based machines provide numerous benefits, like lowered cost and improved efficiency. Our solutions are reliable and environmental friendly.

The traditional Permanent Magnetic based machine offer significant benefits outperforming the tradtional induction machines. The PM based machine are significantly more compact, typically 50% of normal IM Machine reducing material usage and thus both weight and cost.

The PM machine also offer improved efficiency “curves” over the complete rotational speed specter, have lower losses and lower rated frequency due to a higher number of pool numbers - also leading to less cogging. Further, the PM machine have less complex cooling and the air gap might be significantly increased without degrading performance.

Due to it's simple nature of construction, the PM machine easily enables segentation. Further, the PM machine stands out as better prepared for serial production than the traditional IM machine, especially due to the less complex rotor construction.

SmartMotor offers state of the art patented, ultra compact multi-pole PM machines with drives and controls. Compared to other PM designs available, our technology comes forth as very strongly performing in the following areas; 


  • Compact design enabling weight and cost reduction
  • High torque density
  • Low cogging (<0.5%)
  • Sectioned generator without any performance losses
  • Flexibility in design and integration; water or air cooled
  • Machines desinged especially for harsh, e.g. marine environments
  • Integrated, optimized system covering drives and controls